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Norse Crown

Norse Crown – A Love in the Time of Seið story game replay

What this is

 This is a Story Game Replay

A story game is game wherein the players collaborate to create a new story together. Much like long-form theatre improvisation, the players come up with the story as they go along using the premise and structure provided by the individual game. Different games encourage the creation of different types of story. A ‘replay’ is a transcript of a session of play.

This game is called Love in the Time of Seið

Love in the Time of Seið is set in a Norse-themed fantasy kingdom on the brink of ruin. Who will gain power? Who will gain love? What price will they pay? A game of Seið is the story of the clash of the five main characters who are tightly bound together in a web of intrigue, love, power and magic.

This is a game for 5 players, each taking one principal character. These are:

  • The King: who has promised his daughter to the Earl of a neighbouring land to ensure his kingdom’s survival.
  • The Earl, his rival and likely successor.
  • The Princess who is promised to the Earl, but loves the Knight.
  • The Knight, who is in the pay of the Earl, has captured the heart of the Princess, but who longs for the Seiðkona (and who is also secretly a werewolf).
  • The Seiðkona, mentor to the Princess and lover of both the King and the Earl. She commands Seið, a magical force associated with foretelling the future.

The story proceeds through a series of scenes, much like a theatre play or film. Players take it in turns to have a scene focused on their characters. On their turn they select a location from those provided by the game and describe it.

Read the Replay here

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