Story Game Replay (GxB) – Momoko the Hero

The cover for the latest replay (GxB) - Momoko the Hero

The cover for the latest replay (GxB) – Momoko the Hero

Story Game Replay (GxB) – Momoko the Hero

What this is

This is a Story Game Replay

A story game is game wherein the players collaborate to create a new story together. Much like long-form theatre improvisation, the players come up with the story as they go along using the premise and structure provided by the individual game. Different games encourage the creation of different types of story. A ‘replay’ is a transcript of a session of play.

This game is called G x B

G x B is a story game which focuses on creating ‘teenage dating’ stories. It has a very simple structure: Momoko is the new girl at school and she’s caught the attention of three suitors. The characters are pre-set and each player takes one character. One of the suitors asks her out; they go out on a date (with the other players not involved portraying the world and other characters around Momoko and the suitor).

During the date, Momoko’s player gives her suitor’s player regular playing cards whenever they do something she likes. At the end of the three dates, the suitors look at their playing cards and whoever has the most number of cards from the heart suit wins.

Read the Replay here

See the introductory video here:

G x B the game was written by Jake Richmond and Heather Aplington and is published by Atarashi Games.